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Below you will find information about a few of our pieces in the gallery and our collection. We encourage you to come into the gallery to experience the work first hand. However, if you have any inquiries or would like to arrange an in person appointment, please email info@indianhillgallery.com and we would be happy to assist you.

Frank McElwain

We are excited to showcase Frank's work. The artist works and resides in Cincinnati, Frank McElwain is known for local cityscape, landscape and historically-themed painting. This painting is a must see!



Bernadine Silberman  

Bernadine was an active U.S. and Ohio artist. Her sculptures have recieved numerous awards while also being amongst important collections world-wide.


IMG_4079 IMG_5037 (1)

Sally Schrohenloher

IHG loves the work of local still life painter Sally Schrohenloher. Painted with impecible precision, interesitng textue and color. Come in to see this work by the widely collected artist.


Danny Morgan

"Morgan's abstracted work furthers his exploration of color and timeless fluidity of line and form. Inspired by his painting process and guitar playing, he creates chords of color, juxtaposed to his colored skeletal sketches, creating intriguing lyrical compositions." -Denise Bibro Fine Art Chelsea


Morgan is represented by Denise Bibro Fine Art in Chelsea NYC, graduated from Eastern Kentucky University, and lives in Sanibel with his wife Amy where he paints and plays music. IHG will host an opening reception for the artist June 8th from 6-9 with his work on view until July 30th.


William Zimmerman

William Harold Zimmerman

From Indiana, Zimmerman is known for his wildlife illustrations. His work has been shown in many museums and galleries including the Smithsonian and British museums and in private collections.


Pine Grosbeak







Wilhelm Freddie, born Christian Frederik Wilhelm Carlsen


Danish artist known for abstract and surrealist paintings and sculptures.



Oil on Canvas